Tutorial: How to link your emails to PayPanther (Video)

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to link your emails to PayPanther so you can track every email sent to a client. This feature allows you to quickly see every email that everyone in your company sent to a client so you can properly follow up. To access this feature, once logged in, click your name on the top right, then select “Settings”, then click “Email to PayPanther” or just click here.

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Video Script:

Email to PayPanther is a great feature that lets you attach all of your emails to the client’s activity.

The first step is to copy this unique email address to your address book and contact list in your email. If you use Gmail, you can click here and select Contacts. Then I will add a new contact and call it PayPanther. The email address will be the one I just copied. Now let’s say I’m sending an email to my client Joe Shmo. I will compose an email, add his email address, but now I will BCC PayPanther as well so I forward this email to PayPanther.  Now that it’s sent, I will go back into PayPanther and look for Joe Shmo. If I click on his “Activities” tab, I will now see the email I just sent right here.

This is a very useful feature that lets you keep track of all emails regarding a client in one easy and convenient place. If you work with other people, make sure they also BCC PayPanther but please keep in mind they will have a different unique email address then you, so make them check their settings page as well.

If you send an email to PayPanther but it couldn’t find any email address in the system, it will automatically create a task for you that says “Unresolved Email”, and you can create a new Client and link the email to them. If you have any questions or need any help, you can submit a support request by clicking “Support” and selecting “Submit a support request”. Enjoy!


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