Pros and Cons of Sending Invoices by Snail Mail vs. Email

Sending Invoices by Snail Mail


Pros and Cons of Sending Invoices by Snail Mail vs. Email

The snail mail has been one of the oldest forms of communication between two people who are at different locations. It has become one of the most trusted ways of delivering messages and has also become one of the main tools of marketing businesses. While it has certainly declined due to the introduction of the internet and email, it is certainly being used by people up to this day. This gives credence to its overall importance when it comes to message delivery. Reputable businesses knows the importance of sending invoices by Snail Mail. However, is the snail mail a dying breed or will it stick around longer than we expect it to be? For more information about snail mail, click here.


Benefits of Sending Invoices by Snail Mail

Obviously, a cardinal rule when conducting any business transaction is that you must always have a hard copy at hand. Snail mail is effective in other areas, and it appears more professional compared to emails. Sending invoices by Snail Mail will also benefit adults who are not computer literate and prefers payment of bills via check. Snail mail is also guaranteed to be read by the recipient as they are delivered in physical form. Basically, snail mails give a sense of professionalism and urgency as well as preferable to people who are inexperienced in using technology (although you can also see when the invoice was opened and read if delivered by email and even how many times it was open, so you really have a record and trace if your client received the invoice or not).


Disadvantages of Sending Invoices by Snail Mail

Obviously, one of the most glaring flaws of using snail mail is that it will usually take a few days before arriving at its destination. When it comes to sending invoices by Snail Mail, there are occasions that it could get hung up and delayed. This can cause problems to the recipient in when it comes to paying on time. While this is not a big issue, another disadvantage of using snail mail is that it requires a fee if you wish to send a letter to someone (by the time this article was written, a letter cost 46 cents in the United States, we wonder how much that will go up in coming years, any guesses out there?).


Benefits of Sending Invoices by Email

Email is clearly overtaking snail mail when it comes to being the most widely used form of message delivery system. Among the many benefits of using email is that it is automated, it will be received by immediately after sending, it makes bill payments easier and you have no need to get other people’s physical address. You can instead use their easy to memorize email address or just keep it on file using your CRM software (click here to learn what is CRM). Compared to sending invoices by Snail Mail, sending them via email guarantees that they will be received on schedule and without any delay. Did we mention that you can see how many times the client viewed the invoice as well? We think that’s pretty darn cool.


Disadvantages of Sending Invoices by Email

There aren’t many disadvantages of using email, but there are a few that you must be aware of. For instance, there is a chance that the recipient will not be able to read the email immediately. Causes can range from not being logged in at the moment to technical problems with either their computer or email address (it might go to the spam folder, yikes!). Unlike sending invoices by Snail Mail, when using email, it is important that you conduct a follow up email or phone call or text to ensure that the recipient has received and read previous emails.



Snail Mail and Email are two faces of the same coin. Each has it’s own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, it is not exactly wise to prefer one over the other. In order to get the best benefits, learn to incorporate both types of message delivery system and get the best of both worlds and learn which of your customers respond better to which type of method. Nowadays (in the 21st century), snail mail is dying out and email is the preferred method of delivery for most businesses.


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