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North Miami Beach, Florida, USA
David Bitton (CEO)
Ori Tamuz (CTO)


  • November
  • April
  • August 2013
  • November 2015
  • November 2012

    A great idea was born!

    On a sunny afternoon in Miami, the idea was born. It started where all great startups begin - Starbucks. The goal: create a software so easy and intuitive that virtually no training or support was needed. Little did we know, but those goals carried and shaped us to who we are today. The original idea was to create an all-in-one business management software for all professions and industries.
  • April 2013

    Out of the garage. Into an office.

    Moved into our first office with a small team and big ambitions in Miami, Florida. This became home to many sleepless nights, tons of caffeine, thousands of iterations, and countless usability tests. We relentlessly worked 15 hours every day, night, and weekend to release what was to become our first minimum viable product.
  • August 2013

    Launched into beta with our MVP.

    This was a very special month for us. After months of hard work, writing thousands of lines of code, we finally released our first minimum viable product into the market in our beta phase. We received our first raving fans that helped shape who we are today. These early adopters and innovators gave us a lot of hope, and a lot of changes. So went back to the drawing board and kept innovating.
  • November 2015

    PayPanther raises $3.5M.

    With thousands of small businesses now using the software in over 25 countries, it was time to raise capital and take PayPanther to the next level. Led by our CTO, Ori Tamuz, and backed by private investors, the funding round solidified PayPanther as a top 3 contender here to stay for many years to come. With a team of new developers, check out our updates page to see what we’ve been up to. Don’t forget to keep submitting your feature requests. Thank you for the endless love and feedback over the years. We promise to continue innovating and making your life even easier.

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