PayPanther’s Latest Version – Faster, Easier, & Better!

Launch status: 12:18 AM EST: Update is complete!


We are overwhelmingly excited about the latest release for PayPanther! Our team has been hard at work collecting feedback from all of our loyal members and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to! Our most important goal was to enhance the overall speed, simplicity, and usability of the software without making a noticeable difference in the way you’re already working today. Everything will mostly look and feel the same way you already love so you can continue working like you always have.

Please contact us, or submit a ticket, if there’s anything not working properly. You can submit feature requests as always on our forum.


Launch Details:

  1. Date & time of update: Wednesday January 07, 2015 from 10PM-12AM EST (check local time)
  2. Estimated downtime: 2 Hours from 10PM-12AM EST


Improvements & new features:

  1. Client portal – Send your client an invoice and allow them to see all previous invoices, all previous payments, but most importantly – a summary of all pending and past due invoices and payments. Edit the settings on your “New Client” page.
  2. Charge a client directly from the “New Payment” page without having to generate an invoice.
  3. Easier and cleaner login page
  4. New fancy “On/Off” buttons across the site to replace the outdated check-boxes. Easier to click from mobile devices.
  5. Added many FAQs to our support forum of the most commonly asked questions
  6. Updated the Google Chrome extension so you can search for clients or projects faster
  7. Added “New” buttons to the dashboard under Tasks and Calendar so you can quickly create a task or event right from there.
  8. Updated all drop-down menus to create a New Client, Project, or Expense category from the menu.
  9. Updated user interface and color changes for 2015
  10. Changed location of Tags on the Client page and renamed it to “Lists”
  11. Updated all grids and tables to display a summary of payments and balances.
  12. Added more question mark tooltips for any common questions.
  13. Added a button to “Generate Invoices” directly in the project page.
  14. Simplified the “Generate Invoice” page.
  15. When creating a new event – separated Start Date and End Date into 2 separate boxes for easier use. Disabled “all day” from automatically being the default option.
  16. More intuitive to add payments when you have multiple invoices or credits on the account.
  17. Option to resume time entries from where you left off.
  18. Consolidated all the extra information on the bottom of New Invoices to accordions.
  19. Larger preview of the image when you attach an expense.
  20. Enhanced custom security settings and user roles to prevent users without access to view any payments in any tables.
  21. Cleaned up the “change log” and “history” to display in an accordion instead of clutter the page.
  22. Added more options for Project status: Open/Pending/Closed. When the project is closed, it will no longer appear on your calendar.
  23. Ability to delete multiple clients or entries with the checkboxes in 1 click from any main page.
  24. When you create a new invoice and click “Save & Send To Client”, then click “Cancel”, it takes you back to the invoice and saves all changes.
  25. When you delete a billable expense from a project, it no longer appears in the expense box.
  26. When creating a recurring event in the calendar, the time will automatically update correctly based on your timezone settings.
  27. When editing an existing time entry, the rate value will now remain in place.
  28. Removed the double commas from appearing in the address field of an invoice when you are missing the Address2 field.
  29. Now you can click “New Payment”, type in a negative amount (for example, -100), which will give the client a refund.
  30. Removed “Qty Available” column from the Items page.
  31. Added fancy new “loading” icon.
  32. Generate a “flat rate” invoice when “flat rate” is selected in a project.
  33. Login page will now “remember you” on mobile and desktop devices.
  34. Coming soon – Daily agenda email – Every day at 6 AM you will receive a list of your upcoming tasks, events, and projects due.
  35. Coming soon – Invoice payment reminders automatically sent to your clients.
  36. Coming soon – 2-Way Google calendar sync

Ease of use:

  1. Increased page load time across the board by over 30%
  2. Cleaned up the layout and amount of boxes on the following pages:
    • Create a New Client
    • Create a New Task
    • Create a New Event
    • Create a New Project
    • Create a New Invoice
  3. Easier and cleaner log-in page
  4. Mouse cursor automatically goes to the first box on every page
  5. Added “Save and New” buttons for quicker access when creating a New Client, Task, Invoice, etc… Click the down arrow on the right of the “Save” button.
  6. Simplified help text and error messages across the site.


Updates like this one will always be free for life. You don’t need to download or install anything. Once you login after the update, everything will already be done for you.

Once again, please contact us, or submit a ticket, if anything is not working properly. You can submit feature requests as always on our forum.


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