Online Inventory Management Software

With PayPanther you can manage your inventory online within seconds. Whether you sell products or services, the Panther will help you keep track of what was sold, when it was sold, and how much was sold.

Online Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

1.   Keep track of every item or service you sell

2.   Enter a name or description for each product or service

3.   Save time and money by managing your inventory on-the-go

4.   Access your inventory from anywhere in the world

Instant Inventory Search

Find any item or service within seconds   .1

Real-time search as you type   .2

Search by name, description, price, or quantity   .3

Search from your phone or tablet   .4

Instant Inventory Search
Discount and Taxes

Taxes & Discounts

1.   Add or remove tax on individual items or services

2.   Remove tax on “consulting” or “services”

3.   Have the tax already included in the price

4.   Discount items or services when creating an invoice

Detailed Reports

Numerous inventory reports at your fingertips   .1

View your best and worst-selling items or services   .2

Quickly see which items are running low and need to be re-ordered   .3

See which items are making you the most and least profit   .4