Snail Mail – Coming Soon!

Looking to send invoices through Snail Mail? Not sure what even IS Snail Mail?! Snail Mail combines the best of the new digital and modern world with what we like to call “old-school”. You can create your custom and personalized invoices online (with your own logo) and have PayPanther automatically mail it to your customer. Yes, we will actually send them a letter in the mail (crazy right?). Snail Mail is best used on those clients who prefer to receive a mailed invoice as opposed to an email. This feature is currently in beta and coming soon.


What Is Snail Mail?

1.   A letter in the mail

2.   PayPanther creates the invoice online and sends it to their mailbox

3.   The Panther prints, stamps, licks, and sends away

4.   Save yourself the headache and hassle of all the paperwork

Why Use Snail Mail?

Some customers prefer a letter instead of an email   .1

Customers may take your invoice more seriously   .2

Shows professionalism and organization   .3

Support the local post office   .4

Automated Snail Mail

1.   The Panther automates the entire process

2.   Simply type in the name and mailing address and let the Panther do the rest

3.   Sent via First Class USPS service

4.   The Panther automatically adds a payment stub and return envelope if requested

Have recurring invoices or need to send multiple invoices at once? Try us out today and you won’t be disappointed! PayPanther automatically sends your professional and designer-looking invoices to your clients by email and will soon support snail mail. Stop licking all of those envelopes and let the Panther lick them for you. Get started today with our free version and test us out to see how much faster you get paid and how much time you save!

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