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Three easy steps to track your time

Need to track your time and get paid for your work? Track your time with our stopwatch, send an invoice, and get paid online. Yes, it’s that easy.

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Just three easy steps to track your time

Time tracking made easy.

Easier then counting in your head.

One click stopwatch

Track time with ease

1.   One-click easy time tracking.

2.   Detailed time tracking reports.

3.   Show clients time spent on tasks or projects.

4.   Automatic backups keep you safe.

One click stopwatch

1.   Track billable time spent on the phone, emails, & more.

2.   Set hourly billing rates for each employee.

3.   Automatically generate an invoice for any unbilled time.

4.   Built in timer & stopwatch works on the computer, phone, & tablet.

Time Tracking for Lawyers
Time Tracking Reports

Simple reports, fancy charts

1.   View time entries by date or number of hours.

2.   View time entries by project or account.

3.   Track your employees time spent on tasks or projects.

4.   See your return on investment per project or task.

Save time and money

1.   See what’s eating up your time.

2.   Get a breakdown to see where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

3.   Allocate time more efficiently.

4.   Time is money, let us help you save some.

Save time and money

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1.   Track your time from any desktop or mobile device.

2.   Works on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, & more.

3.   Securely backed up in the “cloud” with 256 bit encryption.

4.   Access your data anytime and anywhere.

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