The Best Fitness Management Software Online for Personal Trainers

Fitness Management Software Online

As a fitness professional, you have to learn to multitask on a daily basis when it comes to clients, appointments, sessions and so on. Juggling those boot camp sessions, collecting past due commissions and writing up your client’s fitness regiment can prove to be an overwhelming task, by either attempting to do it manually with your smartphone or by using multiple programs on your computer. Whether you are a one-person operation such as a personal trainer or nutritionist or a multi-staffed business such as a health club owner or a training facility, this is where useful business management fitness software comes in handy.

So what is a business management fitness software?

First off, it’s something that will change your life. If you have been using excel spreadsheets, word documents, and your notepad to keep track of your clients and appointments, you’re in for a big surprise. Having a software to manage your fitness business will streamline the way you work making you more efficient and productive with your day.

First, you must make sure the software is easy to use and helps ease your day-to-day tasks. If it’s taking up more time then it should be saving, it’s time to toss it and search for a better method. Features you should look for include: keeping track of your time during workout sessions, managing your contacts, scheduling appointments in your calendar, and the most important of all – helping you invoice your customers and GET PAID! Your body already looks good, why shouldn’t your invoices?

Online Business Management Software for Trainers

Features to lookout for

  • All-Inclusive Package: While no software is ever going to be perfectly packaged telling you “I’m the one”—though you wish it would—you want to look for the best bundle for your buck. Make sure it includes necessary features such as tasks, a calendar, client management, file sharing, and billing with live support available on mobile, tablet and laptop devices.
  • Interactive Calendar: Keeping an organized schedule is everything. You need to know when that next appointment, fitness session or clientele meeting is and you need it all in one place.
  • Time Tracking: Whether it’s a 1-hour yoga session with a group of clients or 30 minutes spent writing up a diet regiment, you and your clients can trust that the time is being well spent with a time tracker/stopwatch at your disposal.
  • Sharing: Want to send your client that daily meditation video or ask them for before & after photos of their progress so you can save? You want to be able to do it all in a drag-and-drop system all while having it backed up to the cloud automatically.
  • Billing & Payment: You want to be able to send simple quotes & invoices to clients while also receiving read receipts and payments with ease at the click of a button. If software can’t do that, it’s not worth having.
  • Manage Clients: What would your business be if not for those loyal clients? You want that virtual-planner of your dreams to keep track of their workout regimens, fitness goals, results & more while getting reminders and setting up tasks with ease.
  • Reports: Reports can be intimidating, but not if you use simple software that can demonstrate your income, profit, and retention rate amongst a multitude of others seamlessly while also allowing for custom exporting.
  • Security: A general is only as strong as their army; in this case, your client’s business relies on your ability to safeguard their privacy. You need to make sure to use a safe encryption (e.g.  military grade) and safe servers that are continually backing up all your information.

So who benefits from Business Management Fitness Software?

  1. Athletes
  2. Athletic Coach
  3. Athletic Trainers
  4. Boot Camp Trainers
  5. Cross-Fit Trainers
  6. Fitness Motivators
  7. Gym Coach
  8. Gym Instructor
  9. Gym Teacher
  10. Nutritionist
  11. Personal Fitness Instructors
  12. Personal Trainers
  13. Small Business Gyms
  14. Small Business Recreation Centers
  15. Sports Coach
  16. Sports Trainers
  17. Weight Trainers
  18. Yoga Instructors

Why even use a software to manage and organize your fitness business?

As the old saying goes, “time is money.” If you don’t have enough time in the day to complete those hourly sessions with clients, keep track of billing statements, write up that abs exercise tip-of-the-day and view reports on your recurring clients, then you certainly won’t have enough income to survive on. Business management fitness software takes that burden off your hands by aiding you in handling all those tasks efficiently and simultaneously. Once you begin using a modern management program, the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t use one sooner.

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