New Feature Release: Custom Expense Categories

While many of our customers were out of the office and celebrating the July 4th holiday, we were hard at work adding yet another new feature to PayPanther!

Adding a custom expense category is simple:

  1. Click “New” on the top left menu and then “Expense” to open up the New Expense page (or just click here)
  2. Click the arrow next to “Category” as if you were choosing from an existing category
  3. At the top of the drop-down list, select “New Category”
  4. Click “Add New Category”
  5. Type the name of your new expense category, then click “Update”
  6. You can also edit or delete custom categories by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting “Add New Category” and then modifying the existing ones



It’s that easy!

Thank you so much to all of our loyal cubs for the great feedback and suggestions over the past few months. We have many more releases coming soon!


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