“ It makes invoicing easy.
No more clumsy mail merge. “

WM Immigration
UK Immigration
WM Immigration
“ It has given us the ability, at the click of a button, to see how many clients we have in each practice area. “

Diane Nobile
Nobile Law Firm
International Law
Diane Nobile
“ It particularly has helped me stay organized by keeping my files electronically. “

William S. Heyman
Law Office of William S. Heyman
Business Litigation
William S. Heyman
“ I’m working with this software to keep all of my activities, files, and billing together into one app. “

Daniel Rubinow
License Law Group
License Prosecutor
Daniel Rubinow
“ I have every matter neatly organized into its own world. “

Brandon L. Chase
Law Offices of Brandon L. Chase
Maritime Law, Personal Injury
Brandon L. Chase

We don’t have clients. We have friends.

Here are some featured law firms of the week.

Ross D. Gardner, Esq.

“My favorite thing by far is the intuitive interface. You can’t overstate how important ease of use is in technology when it comes to legal professionals.”

Ross D. Gardner, Esq.Business Attorney
The Law Office of Ross D. Gardner
Julie A. Gafkay, Esq.

”PracticePanther offers a program that already anticipated my needs. There’s options for billing hourly, contingency, and more.”

Julie A. Gafkay, Esq.Employment Attorney
Gafkay Law, PLC
Jacqui Walker, Esq.

“I honestly love the intuitive design and user-friendly search functions. It just makes matter management and billing an absolute breeze.”

Jacqui Walker, Esq.Business Attorney
J L Walker Law
Warren R. Markowitz, Esq.

“The service is available anywhere and we can access and share our matters without losing the ability to work one-on-one with our clients.”

Warren R. Markowitz, Esq.Corporate Attorney
The Markowitz Law Firm
Michael Ruttle, Esq.

ruttle law logo
“It has helped save time and money because it keeps my firm’s calendars and finances all perfectly in sync with my open cases all in one place.”

Michael Ruttle, Esq.Immigration Attorney
Ruttle Law PC
Carimina K. Tessitore, Esq.

“PracticePanther has revolutionized my practice, saving me time with its dynamic case management and invoicing system. I can access it anywhere, and it’s user friendly.”

Carimina K. Tessitore, Esq.Family Attorney
The Law Offices of Carmina K. Tessitore
Keathel Chauncey, Esq.

chauncy logo
“With PracticePanther our firm’s efficiency has increased by being able to work from anywhere without sacrificing the confidentiality of our clients.”

Keathel Chauncey, Esq.Business Attorney
Fresh Legal Perspective
Mandy A. Jamison, J.D.

“PracticePanther grants me full access to everything I need, helps me track banking info, my time, and info much more efficiently. All for a great cost.”

Mandy A. Jamison, J.D.Consumer Advocate
Jamison Law LLC
Brett Davies, Esq.

Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors Logo
“The software, took me through everything that I needed to learn in order to drive Practice Panther. I never had to pay for any training.”

Brett Davies, Esq.Financial Attorney
Legal Consolidated Barristers
William A. Hannosh, Esq.

William A
“PracticePanther has helped us by not only being the one source for all our practice needs, but also making billable hours easier to track.”

William A. Hannosh, Esq.Civil Litigation Attorney
The Law Office of Willam A Hannosh
Marcel Vaarzon-Morel, Esq.

vaarzon logo
“Our office is now more organised and efficiently operating. It has enabled us to provide an even higher level of service to our clients.”

Marcel Vaarzon-Morel, Esq.Principal Solicitor
Vaarzon-Morel Solicitors
Carol A. Wyzinski, Esq.

Wyzinski Law logo
“I can now spend more time marketing my firm to help it grow rather than worrying about practice management. Thank you PracticePanther!!!”

Carol A. Wyzinski, Esq.Family Attorney
Carol Wyzinski Law, LLC
Christopher DiSchino, Esq.

Dischino & Company logo
“PracticePanther is a powerful software that provides a high level of flexibility with third-party platforms and unparalleled customer service.”

Christopher DiSchino, Esq.Business Attorney
DiSchino & Company
Eli T. Marchbanks, Esq.

Navigate Law Group Logo
“PracticePanther combines everything into one package that is reliable, inexpensive, and has added value to our firm’s clients through its bottom line.”

Eli T. Marchbanks, Esq.Criminal Defense Attorney
Navigate Law Group
Alexander J. E. English, Esq.

GreenSpring Legal LLC logo
“PracticePanther has automated a great deal of the administrative paperwork, and helps organize my contacts and various matters.”

Alexander J. E. English, Esq.Environmental Attorney
GreenSpring Legal, LLC
Aastha Madaan, Esq.

Madaan Law PC logo
“The customer service is outstanding, and it is really easy to use. I was able to start using PracticePanther the same day I signed up for it!”

Aastha Madaan, Esq.Business Attorney
Madaan Law, P.C.
Jonathan G. Miller, Esq.

Jonathan Miller logo
“Being able to assign emails to specific clients and matters in PracticePanther so that I can see exactly what documents are related to that issue is great!”

Jonathan G. Miller, Esq.Estate Attorney
Law Office of Jonathan Miller
Adam David Mait, Esq.

mait law logo
“With PracticePanther, everything is done under one roof. I was organized before; now, I am more organized that I even knew was possible.”

Adam David Mait, Esq.Criminal Defense Attorney
Mait Law

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