Definition: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It helps you store all the information about your customers, clients, contacts, leads, and just about anyone! Think of it as your online address book, just much more advanced!

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What is a CRM?


CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. In plain English it means that you can use a website or software (like PayPanther), to organize all of your contacts in one simple place that can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world. 

Most entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, and large companies are successful because they use an online CRM software to help them follow up with their leads, customers, and accounts, and remember important details about each one. With an organized system, they can write notes about every phone call, view every email sent and received, schedule follow-up reminders, and send them email campaigns!


The customer can be your friend, a stranger, a prospect (lead), or any current person you do business with. Think about all of those people you have ever done business with and then think about how many times you’ve done business with them AGAIN. Now think about how many business cards you’ve collected and how many of those you’ve thrown away and never contacted. This is why having a website to manage all of those people will help you become successful because it can automatically email them once a month or every few months just reminding them that you exist and what product or service you sell.




The relationship between you and this “customer” is extremely important for a long-term successful future. Imagine you met someone who told you their daughter’s name and then you spoke to them 6 months later. Do you think you will remember their daughter’s name 6 months from now? What about 3 years from now? What about their birth date? These are all extremely important details to remember because the next time you speak to them they will be SHOCKED you remembered. Now imagine a website that will send these customers an email once a year wishing them a Happy Birthday – welcome to PayPanther!


Although it’s the last word in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it’s probably one of the most important. If you ever asked any successful business person the key to their success, they will tell you “dedication, self-discipline, and management”. Successful business owners are organized and use a CRM for managing their customers and the people they meet on a daily basis. Your task for today is to gather all of those important business cards and phone numbers you’ve collected over the years, sign up for the free version of PayPanther, and start typing them in today.

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