How to Choose a CRM?

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Just like any other business initiative, finding the right tools is essential for your continued growth and success, so choose wisely! Here are some of our recommendations for finding the best online CRM:

Ease of Use:

  1. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use your CRM?
  2. Is it simple, easy, and intuitive for your grandmother to use it?
  3. Can you teach your current or future employees to use it?
  4. Is it fun, friendly, and intuitive?


  1. Does your CRM have all the features you need?
  2. Does your CRM have too many features that you will never use?
  3. Are you paying for features that you will never use?
  4. Do you even know how to use all the fancy features included?

Measure your ROI (return on investment):

  1. Can you view how much money you’re making instantly with easy-to-view graphs and charts?
  2. Can you add your expenses and see your total sales, expenses, and profit?
  3. Is the CRM costing you more then it’s making you?
  4. Are you losing any time and money by spending too much time setting up your CRM?


  1. Is your CRM a software that runs on your computer or that’s accessible from the internet (cloud/web-based)?
  2. If it’s on your computer or server, how can you ensure no one can hack your data, steal your information, or give you a virus?
  3. If it’s a website, is it secure or encrypted?
  4. If it’s a website, do they backup your data automatically?


  1. Is the price affordable for your standards?
  2. Is there a free trial plan so you can try before you buy?
  3. Is the price built to “pay as you grow”?
  4. Are there any contracts, cancellation policies, upgrade or downgrade policies, or one year minimums?

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