Ever wanted to know how to buy a CRM? Listed below are a few things to look over before you decide to buy an online CRM software.  This is a checklist to ensure you are making the right choice in the best online CRM product to help you organize and grow your business. Using the right CRM that fits your businesses needs will save you countless hours and headaches learning how to use it and spending more money then you should. Look for an online software that combines everything you’re looking for into one easy to use interface that even a Panther can learn! Please note – PayPanther also has a free version with no credit card required which is free for life. Click here to try it today.

How to buy a CRM


  1. Find the best CRM to match your business
  2. The most expensive isn’t always the best
  3. Check if you can customize it to your needs
  4. Must be easy to use to help increase your revenue


  1. Look for different prices and packages to pay as you grow
  2. If you need an IT department to use your CRM, find another one!
  3. Invest in a CRM if you believe it will bring you a positive return on investment
  4. Try out the free version first before upgrading (click here to start for free)


  1. Look for a CRM that has other integrated features (i.e. Gmail, PayPal, etc…)
  2. Find a CRM that can send estimates & invoices
  3. Use a CRM that can collect payments and provide you with reports
  4. Don’t pay for features you won’t need or use


  1. Check if there are yearly contracts
  2. Read the fine-print and hidden terms (if any)
  3. Pay what you can afford
  4. Make sure it’s scalable to grow with you
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The Good News

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY PAYPANTHER! We are an online solution so you can simply use us for free or pay-as-you-grow without any contracts or cancellation fees.

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