A successful CRM works by allowing you to enter your contacts quickly from any device and anywhere in the world. Once the contact is entered into your online CRM software, you can create tasks and reminders to follow-up with them on a regular basis. After you speak to them, you can log the phone call and write notes about what was discussed. When it comes time to discussing the price, you can send an estimate and then an invoice if it’s been approved. The customer will receive an email with a link to pay you directly by credit card. After you’ve been paid, you can increase your revenue by sending automatic email campaigns to increase the percentage of return customers. Easy, simple, and fast – the Panther way!

How CRM Works


Every business is different, but all businesses share the same need to grow while keeping customers happy.  PayPanther CRM allows you to see your business from every angle.  With a good online CRM software, you will see a live view of your dashboard that shows you how many contacts have been recently added, your company’s growth, the amount of money received this month, the number of invoices that are still pending payment, the upcoming tasks, any overdue tasks, your calendar, and more!

Here’s a glance at some of the benefits provided by PayPanther’s online CRM software:

  1. Keep track of as many contacts as you want!
  2. Find any contact instantly by searching through your notes
  3. Follow up on leads
  4. Unlimited tasks and reminders
  5. Create events and sync with Google Calendar or Apple iOS Calendar
  6. Happier customers!

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