• Consulting CRM and Project Management Software for Freelancers, Firms, and Consultants

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Consulting professionals who use PayPanther:

Sales Consulting

Design Consulting


Social Media

IT Consulting

Internet Consulting

Business Coaching


Political Consulting

Legal Consulting

Labor Relations

Corporate Finance



Real Estate

HR Consulting



Security Consultant


Professional Service

Strategy Consulting

Career Consulting

General Consulting

Consulting management made easy.

Consulting CRM and Project Management Software for Freelancers and Firms.

Consulting CRM & Project Management Software

All-in-one Consulting CRM & Project Management Software

1.   Your clients, projects, meetings, expenses, and invoices all in one.

2.   Save time and energy looking through folders with 1 click search.

3.   Simple, intuitive, and secure.

4.   Award-winning Panther-fast support.

Calendar and scheduling

1.   Keep track of your schedule, deadlines & meetings.

2.   Links with your Google, Apple, & Outlook calendars.

3.   Syncs with your iPhone and Android.

DJ Event Management Calendar
Accept payments online

Accept payments online

1.   Accept payments by PayPal, Stripe, & Authorize.net.

2.   Check upcoming payment due dates.

3.   Track total income, expenses, & net profit each month.

Manage your clients

1.   Keep track of your clients contact information, emails, files, & more.

2.   Follow up with recurring tasks & reminders.

3.   Group your clients into different lists & tags.

Contact Lists
Consulting CRM & Project Management Software

Send quotes & invoices

1.   Send minimal designer looking quotes & invoices in seconds.

2.   Automatically generate an invoice based on billable time entries.

3.   Email alerts when a client views your invoice.

Log your expenses

1.   Snap a picture of your receipt and attach it as an expense.

2.   Invoice your customers for un-billed expenses.

3.   Categorized expenses for taxes or your accountant.

Expense Tracking for Consultants
Time Tracking for Consultants

Track your time

1.   Track time spent on projects, research, consulting, and tasks.

2.   One click invoicing for all billable hours.

3.   Built in timer & stopwatch works on the computer, phone, & tablet.

Share files, contracts, reports, & more

1.   Securely save & share any document with your colleague or client.

2.   Drag-and-drop any file on your computer.

3.   Say goodbye to backups or “remote login”. Everything is in the cloud.

Save and share your files!
Military Grade Security

Military grade security

1.   256-bit military grade encryption.

2.   Servers constantly backed up every minute.

3.   It’s time to get rid of your in-house server and computer tech.

Visual reports

1.   Easily view your income, expenses, and profit.

2.   Custom exportable reports for easy accounting.

3.   Over 25 reports already at your fingertips.

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Consulting CRM and Project Management Software for Freelancers, Firms, & more.

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