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Company Details:

  1. Company Name & Slogan: Spirit Foundation, A U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Score Partner
  2. Location: Austin, Texas
  3. What does your company do? Using ethonomics (Ethics+Economics) and the power of business we solve social and environmental problems.


The Story:

  1. How did your company start and how did it grow? Spirit Foundation will assist the unemployed, and Wounded Warriors, as well as Veterans in using the Qualified Assessor Training Programs, Green Jobs Training, Energy Efficient Training, and other energy efficient technologies, enhancing skilled occupations, and increasing green emerging jobs as mainstream. We believe: “Rational behavior for a household, is to spend its last unit of money (income) for an item or service which will provide the greatest usefulness.” Spirit Foundation believes the ”business sector” should direct their effort toward maximizing community involvement in order to assist those less fortunate. Spirit Foundation will therefore yield the largest possible output of American Made goods and services with the minimum expenditure of resources. Spirit Foundation uses basic Keynesian theory, allowing the federal and state governments to play an active part in stabilizing the economy, through green jobs and technology. Through training, infrastructure, and environmental policy, the aggregate demand will increase employment without overall inflation. We use the monetary equation, MV=PQ, where “M” is the money supply, “V” is the income velocity of money and “Q” is the physical volume of goods and services produced. “P” is the price level, which can be used to determine the economic stimulation.
  2. How has PayPanther helped you? PayPanther allows integration and tracking, as well as implementation into the smartapp for long term use.
  3. What is your favorite thing about PayPanther? The kewl people.
  4. What is one piece of advice you would offer other business owners in your industry? Being green isn’t easy.


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