Case Study: Business Management Software for Photographers

Case Study: Business Management Software for Photographers

In this case study, we had the pleasure of having Hector & Monik Partigliani from Partigliani Film visit our office in Miami, Florida to discuss how they use PayPanther’s business management software for photographers. If you’re not familiar with their work, they’re a husband and wife power team that specializes in photography and cinematography for weddings, mitzvahs, and special events. With a background in fashion, they faced new challenges when entering the special event industry.

Business Management Software for Photographers



  1. Kept forgetting to follow up with potential clients.
  2. Emails dropped to the second page of their inbox and were lost forever.
  3. Forgot what prices and packages they presented to their clients.
  4. Had trouble remembering every name and important detail from each phone call or meeting.
  5. Had no central area to store notes, contracts, files, and contact information.
  6. Spending too much time doing “busy work” and not actually being productive.


How they were doing things:

  1. They each had their own separate notepads, excel spreadsheets, and word documents filled with contact info and notes.
  2. They were using Gmail and tried using “labels” to organize their emails.
  3. Used Google Calendar to schedule meetings, appointments, and events.
  4. Creating a contract in Microsoft Word, saving it as a PDF, and emailing it. The clients had to print, sign, scan, and email it back (a very time consuming and tedious process which often took 2-3 weeks).


Problems with how they were doing things:

  1. Often misplaced or ruined hand-written notes, or failed to be kept up to date on the other’s information and notes.
  2. Using Gmail labels was very tedious and they failed to maintain a usable system.
  3. No history of past appointments, events, etc.
  4. Would forget to follow up after the contracts were sent. Outlook inbox got corrupted and lost all contracts. Weren’t able to save any of the contracts in the cloud.
  5. Very tiring and stressful process of managing their business.


How PayPanther’s business management software for Photographers helped them:

  1. Have 1 central calendar that is linked to their clients and syncs to their phones.
  2. Can finally see who owes them money and when upcoming payments are due.
  3. Can send professional designer-looking invoices and get notified when a customer views it.
  4. Can accept payments online by credit card.
  5. They will be able to do taxes in 1 click by exporting one report.


How they use PayPanther for every new client and job:

  1. They start off by creating a new client.
  2. They add custom fields to the shoot (Location, Date, Start and End Time, etc…).
  3. Add relevant tags to properly group this client (Following Up, Paid Customer, etc…).
  4. Create a new project to keep track of every separate shoot (since each customer will hopefully book them for more then 1 job).
  5. Create a quote or invoice and e-mail to the client.
  6. Create a task to remind themselves to follow up with the client.
  7. Accept a deposit or payment.
  8. Add the booked event to their shared calendar.
  9. Constantly update their notes and keep a detailed log of all communications.
  10. Create multiple tasks afterwards to follow up, get the remaining payment, have a meeting one month before the event, and set a deadline date to deliver the work.


Invoicing Software for Photographers


Photographer Business Management Software Q&A

Q: How did you hear about PayPanther?

A: After we lost a lot of our information in a computer crash, we realized that we needed a new way to manage our business. We looked online at a few different programs but they were all too complicated and hard to use. PayPanther seemed like exactly what we needed, and at a great price. We tried the free trial, loved it, and now here we are!


Q: What are your favorite parts of PayPanther?

A: We love the client’s page, since we previously attempted to keep a hand copy of our clients’ contact information. Invoices are pretty helpful, too. Time entries really keep us on track while working on a project. Oh, the calendar is huge for us. Really, pretty much every feature has helped us out in some way.


Q: Do you feel that PayPanther has significantly improved your business productivity or efficiency?

A: (Laughs) Oh, definitely. We were wasting so much time before trying to track down a client’s contact information, struggling to get invoiced signed and sent back to us, forgetting meetings… This has been so great for keeping our business organized.


Q: Are there any features you wish PayPanther had that it doesn’t at this time?

A: Oh gosh, let’s see. Can it go to events and take pictures for me? (Laughs) No, I think it pretty much does everything we need it to do. Plus, you seem to add new features and updates to the software on a regular basis.


Q: Would you recommend PayPanther to a friend or other small business owner?

A: Definitely. Actually, I’ve already mentioned you guys to a few of my friends, and they sounded really interested. So many people do things like we used to, with pen and paper or excel. But using this software is such an upgrade for us, and our clients see how much more professional we are when we mention we use a business management software for photographers. 


Are you a photographer? Let us know how you currently do things, what challenges you’ve faced, and if you currently use a business management software for photographers. We’d love to hear from you!


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