How to find the best online invoicing software for graphic designers

online invoicing software for graphic designers


If you’re anything like the average graphic designer or freelancer out there, you’re probably a 1-man operation. You probably use a lot of pen and paper to run your business, supplementing that with an excel spreadsheet, Google docs, and brainpower to try and keep track of everything. You likely send invoices that you individually made into PDF files, and it probably takes you a few weeks to get contracts signed and receive payments. And you know what? That may work for you right now. But, as you continue to get bigger and busier, this approach may not always work. Therefore, you should consider investing in an online invoicing software for graphic designers and freelancers.


Concerns about using an online invoicing software for graphic designers:

  • It sounds expensive
  • I don’t want to learn how to use new software
  • I already don’t have a lot of time, and using software will take up even more time
  • I want everything to look cohesive, like my brand


Reasons to consider using an online invoicing software:

  • I’m starting to get busier and need a way to manage every project and deadline
  • I need a way to prioritize my to-do list and tasks
  • I need an easier and more professional way to invoice and bill my customers
  • I need an easier way to follow up with potential customers and leads


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is there a long set-up or training time? What if I add a member to my team?
  • Does it look good? I like clean and minimal
  • Will it save me more time than it takes to use?
  • Can I customize invoices with my brand and logo?
  • Does it accept online payments and credit cards?
  • As a freelancer, is it affordable for my 1-man operation?
  • Is it able to scale and grow with me?
  • Is my data safe?


Tips for picking an online invoicing software for graphic designers:

Look for software that has a lot of features in one easy-to-use package. Consider time tracking if you bill by the hour, as built-in time tracking will make this much easier. Try to find something with a subscription model for a cheaper up-front cost. Plus, a subscription model usually means that your information is stored in the cloud, ensuring it is safe and secure from theft, data corruption, and disaster.


If you’re ready to invest in your business and get organized, learn more about PayPanther’s online invoicing software for graphic designers and freelancers.


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