Best Law Practice Management Software for Lawyers
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Best Law Practice Management Software

Time Tracking for Lawyers

Want to track how much time you spent working on a case, file, client, project or matter? No problem! With PayPanther’s integrated “Time Tracking” app, you can track your time with our stopwatch on a Mac, PC, and laptop. Did we also mention it’s mobile friendly so you can track your time on the go with your iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, or any smart device!


Annoyed of having to “remotely login” to your work computer to access your files from home or on the go? Don’t want to have to ask your colleagues for documents each time? PayPanther’s integrated document sharing will help! Just simply select any files on your computer and drag them onto the screen and voila! It couldn’t be any easier or simpler then that.


Not sure when your next meeting or court date is? Find yourself looking through your work or personal calendar or your emails to find the right date, time, and location? Search no more! Now you can be in control of your time and your calendar with the integrated shared calendar by PayPanther. Be able to see everyone’s calendar in your firm, share your calendar with a colleague, or just invite another co-worker to your event. For those who want more privacy, simply block your calendar in your security settings, it’s that easy!

Accept Payments Online

Don’t wait to wait to get paid? We don’t blame you! Billing and invoicing should be easy and automated, and that’s how we intend on keeping it. After adding your expenses and time tracked, simply click “Generate Invoice” and let the Panther go on the prowl to get your money. The Panther will automatically email your client and send payment reminders on a daily or weekly basis, however you like! Don’t wait for a check, money order, or cash to come in, get paid today with our integrated merchant – PayPal. It’s fast, easy, and secure.



Many lawyers have a fear of losing their documents or files. Not anymore! Stop wasting money on servers and IT technicians every time something crashes at your home or office. With PayPanther, all of your documents, cases, clients, and invoices are saved “in the cloud” which means you will never have to worry about losing them again. All your files are backed with a 256-bit military grade encryption with back-up servers every hour in different parts of the world. Your clients want a modern and professional lawyer, welcome to the 21st century with PayPanther!

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