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As a consulting professional, you have to learn to multitask on a daily basis when it comes to clients, projects, expenses and so on. Juggling meetings and managing your business can prove to be an overwhelming task, either by attempting to do it manually on your smartphone or by using multiple programs on your computer. Whether you are a one-person operation such as a career consultant or motivational speaker or a multi-staffed business such as an accounting or engineering consulting firm, this is where useful consulting CRM and project management software can help you out.


So what is a consulting CRM and project management software?

If you’re a consultant and don’t currently use any software to manage your customers, you are losing out on a large amount of potential earnings. Do you ever have that feeling that you forgot to follow up with a client? Or how about remembering to call someone that you forgot about? Can you imagine how many of those potential customers you lost? This is why having a software to REMIND you they exist is so beneficial. Don’t rely on your memory, and start relying on your follow up tasks you created for yourself.

Anyhow, a consulting CRM and project management software gives you access to various features and data such as: keeping track of time for meetings, contacts, calendar scheduling, customers, billing and invoicing, and much more. It assists you in almost every aspect of the organization and management of your business at any time from any device.


Features to look for:

  • All-Inclusive Package: While no software is ever going to be perfectly packaged telling you “I’m the one”—though you wish it would—you want to look for the best features for the cost. Make sure it includes features necessary to your business, including tasks, a calendar, client management, file sharing, and billing with live support available on mobile, tablet and laptop devices.
  • Interactive Calendar: Keeping an organized schedule is paramount to successfully running your business.  You need to know when your next presentation, meeting, or scheduled phone call is, and you want all of that information in one place.
  • Time Tracking: Whether it’s a 1-hour giving a presentation or 30 minutes meeting with a perspective client, you and your clients can trust that time is being well spent with a time tracker at your disposal.
  • Sharing: Want to send a client a project you’ve been working on or a presentation for them to look over? You want to be able to do it all in a drag-and-drop system all while having it backed up to the cloud automatically, ensuring your data is always safe and secure.
  • Billing & Payment: You want to be able to send simple quotes & invoices to clients while also receiving read receipts and payments with ease. If software can’t do that, it’s not worth having.
  • Manage Clients: What would your business be if not for your clients? You want that software to keep help track of their contact information, preferences, history & more while getting reminders and setting up tasks with ease.
  • Reports: Reports can be intimidating, but not if you use simple software that can demonstrate your income, profit, and retention rate amongst a multitude of other types of reports seamlessly while also allowing for custom exporting of data.
  • Security: A general is only as strong as their army; in this case, your client’s business relies on your ability to safeguard their privacy. You need to make sure to use a safe encryption (e.g.  military grade) and safe servers that are continually backing up and securing all of your information.


Who can use a consulting CRM and project management software?

  1. Sales Consulting
  2. Design Consulting
  3. Marketing
  4. Social Media
  5. IT Consulting
  6. Internet Consulting
  7. Business Coaching
  8. Motivational
  9. Political Consulting
  10. Legal Consulting
  11. Labor Relations
  12. Corporate Finance
  13. Investment
  14. Accounting
  15. Real Estate
  16. HR Consulting
  17. Management
  18. Restaurant
  19. Security Consultant
  20. Engineers
  21. Professional Service
  22. Strategy Consulting
  23. Career Consulting
  24. General Consulting


Why use a software?

As the old saying goes, “time is money.” If you don’t have enough time in the day to give presentations, meet with clients, keep track of billing statements and view reports, then you certainly won’t have enough income to survive on. Consulting CRM and project management software takes that burden off your hands by aiding you in handling all those tasks easily and efficiently. Once you begin using a modern management program, the only regret you’ll have is not using one sooner.


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